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Alexander James Adams: He of the Sidhe
Concert video of He of the Sidhe, from Alec's album Balance of Nature.  Heather Alexander fans may see some parallels with Faerie Queen, from her album Wanderlust.
He of the Sidhe was written by AJ Adams & Heather Alexander. Video created by Marconvid

What Are We Doing? Music Video
Alexander James Adams music video What Are We Doing?, currently available as a single download at
Video produced by Pacific Fen Spotlight ( and Jim Granger Solutions (   What Are We Doing? was written by AJ Adams.
Tricky Pixie is SJ Tucker, Betsy Tinney and Alexander James Adams.  Below are a few videos from a concert in Portland, Oregon.  Also check out theTricky Pixie interview on Pacific Fen Spotlight at

The Mushroom Song, from the Heather Alexander album Insh'Allah and Tricky Pixie's album Mythcreants.
Mushroom Song was written by Heather Alexander.  Video created by tanukigreen.

Alligator in the House, recorded on SJ Tucker's album Sirens and Tricky Pixie's album Mythcreants.
 Alligator in the House was written by Betsy Tinney, Katie Tinney & SJ Tucker.  Video created by tanukigreen.
For more information on Tricky Pixie please check out

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