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Alec with fiddle

Alexander James Adams has been making music since childhood (he learned to read sheet music before he learned to read!) An accomplished singer, songwriter, and musician, Alexander frequently accompanies his vocals with guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and a variety of percussion.

Alec may be singing with his guitar and fiddle at a pub one night, playing rock with Tricky Pixie another, and fiddling at a wedding on a third. He frequently performs at pubs, Renaissance Faires, conventions, and private parties. 

Alec is also the appointed heir to Heather Alexander. Heather, who was actually a changeling, was called back to faerieland in November 2006; at the same time, Alexander, the child in whose place she had originally been left and who had been raised in faerieland, was released after beating the faerie queen in a fiddling contest. Thus, Alec now carries on Heather’s musical legacy.

 Alec lives with his wife and their pets in Wisconsin.

 Tricky Pixie


Short Promo Bio: 

Unleashed from the land of Fae comes the heir to Heather Alexander’s music and magic. AJ Adams is a fiery Celtic fiddler with a compelling voice to enchant audiences of all ages. With songs and stories of the otherworld, Alexander James inspires his audiences to make their dreams come true and look for the wonders within. From tender love songs to rowdy brawls, gentle Irish airs to rockin’ reels, AJ brings ancient legends to the mortal world in true bardic style, proving once and for all, the magic never dies! “From Dragon’s flame and ire will come forth Phoenix fire, and we will hear the song once more!” --Life’s Flame, Heather Alexander.

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